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Baldwin: Lynch will be more devastating with Graham

When the Seattle Seahawks traded for tight end Jimmy Graham, it marked a bold move that imported a huge red-zone target who would help strengthen one of their biggest weaknesses.

"He can be an offense completely amongst himself. His ability to be a big target in the red zone, his athleticism is really strange for a guy his size," receiver Doug Baldwinsaid Wednesday on KSPN-AM radio. "The way he moves it's unbelievable. He's gonna be able to do a lot of things for us offensively."

Baldwin -- who gushed about Graham the way a child speaks about his Christmas presents -- believes that the Seahawks not only filled a void by bringing in Graham, but helped strengthen their biggest asset: Marshawn Lynch.

"Not only is he going to be able to open things up for myself but also for Marshawn as well, and opening more things up for Marshawn is going to be devastating to the defenses we face," Baldwin said.

Graham might not be a road-grading blocker from the tight end position, but he's no slouch either when healthy.

Having Graham on the field -- especially in the red zone -- will draw players out of the box and help create bigger creases for Beast Mode. Bigger creases means Lynch running downhill. Lynch running downhill equates to devastation for a defender.

The Seahawks swapped offensive line help for the best red-zone threat in the NFL. With blocking still a question mark heading into the season, Lynch will be thankful for Graham taking tacklers' attention.

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