Baker Mayfield recreates Brett Favre's draft photo

No quarterback enters Thursday night's draft with more swagger than Oklahoma signal-caller Baker Mayfield. On the eve of the draft, the shoo-in top 10 pick and his family turned back the clock to emulate one of the most swaggerific quarterbacks of all time.

Mayfield posted a photo on Twitter recreating the iconic Brett Favre bedroom draft photo from the 1991 draft, with the Heisman Trophy-winning Oklahoma quarterback donning jean shorts and all:

Kudos to the Mayfield clan. Well done. Love the guy in the white hat with his hand on the wall. The woman with the old-school camcorder is perfect. And the dudes barely peeking into the back were perfectly positioned to recapture the Favre photo.

Mayfield's quote is apropos entering Thursday night. The QB has his detractors who nitpick over his style and character. He also has many in NFL front offices that have fallen in love with him.

A family member told ESPN's Jake Trotter that Mayfield's mother went out and bought wallpaper that looked like the wood paneling from Favre's old Mississippi bedroom, and it took three hours to assemble the set to recreate the photo.

Perhaps the most troublesome aspect of the reenactment and report on the photo: Mayfield "already owned" the jean shorts -- that fact should drop him at least 20 spots on your final mock draft.

Mayfield has been rumored to go as high as No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns, or he could follow in Joe Namath's footsteps as a swagger-filled New York QB and go to the Jets at No. 3.

Wherever he lands, Mayfield certainly won't have to wait until the second round like Favre did that day way back in '91.

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