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Auction Draft analysis: Spend big on fantasy studs

Your fantasy football team plays in the NFL, and you should too! Sign up today to play the official free and customizable fantasy game of the National Football League! held its experts league auction mock draft of the year on July 26. The standard scoring league consists of NFL Fantasy LIVE members Michael Fabiano, Elliot Harrison, Jason Smith, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Molly Qerim and Dave Dameshek. Also in the league are fantasy editor Marcas Grant, associate fantasy editor John Juhasz, researcher Bill Sudell and fantasy product manager Evan Singer. Each owner was required to put together a lineup of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one flex (RB/WR/TE), one tight end, one kicker and one defense/special teams unit.

*What do our experts think of their draft? Read their personal analysis - **Teams 1-5**, and **Teams 6-10**. *

What was your draft strategy?

My draft strategy was to spend big on a couple of fantasy stalwarts, even if they might be on the downside of their careers. I don't mind breaking the bank for Adrian Peterson but I will have to hold my breath that Peyton Manning has another big season left in him. Luckily, after spending probably a bit too much on A.J. Green, I got Le'Veon Bell and Darren McFadden at somewhat discount prices, although Bell's recent Lis franc injury diagnosis is bad news for his fantasy prospects.

Did your draft strategy work?

I won't be sure if my strategy was correct until I get late in the season. I could get off to a great start but with some older players, especially ones with recent injury woes, you just never know. In this league of experts, I did have a plan and stuck to it pretty well.

What was your favorite pick(s)?

My favorite picks are -- for value -- the Seahawks, who I stole at $3. To get the best defense in the league for that was criminal. My personal favorite was A.P., because if he has that historic season, I get to benefit from it as a fan and an owner. Of course, if he gets injured, my season is probably lost with him.

What was your worst pick(s)?

My worst pick was throwing away $1 on Joique Bell. I know, you're going to say it was only a dollar, but I would have been better off buying a Powerball ticket. He isn't going to be a factor and even if he was at his best, he likely would never crack my starting team.

Who drafted the best team?

Elliot's Healthy8 has the best depth and balance. He stole Montee Ball, Robert Griffin III and Danny Amendola and has great insurance plans in place. He used his money wisely, didn't overpay and bargain shopped. Greg Olsen and Greg Jennings were brilliant deals, and -- if he plans on streaming defenses -- he has the team to beat.

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