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Atlanta Falcons Twitter celebrates Saints' loss to Rams

The Atlanta Falcons' postseason finishes haven't been the easiest to swallow lately.

Last year, it was the ball sailing through Julio Jones' hands on fourth and goal. And the year before that, well...all we need to say is 28-3.

Atlanta found itself at home this postseason, but that doesn't exclude the Falcons from tuning into the action -- rooting against their divisional rival the New Orleans Saints and then celebrating when lost 26-23 to the Rams in Sunday's NFC title game.

One might take this as a team being bitter, and choosing to wish misfortune on a contemporary simply because it has nothing better to do. There is a rooting interest here, though: Super Bowl LIII is at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Nothing would be worse for the Atlanta faithful than to see the hated Saints participate in a Super Bowl in the home of the Falcons.

But wait! The Panthers -- 2015 NFC champions and the losing team in Super Bowl 50 -- joined in on the fun, too!

Now we just need a shot from the Buccaneers -- the division's only other Super Bowl champion not named the Saints -- to complete the NFC South Player Hater's Ball.

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