Article for Refining Link Behavior


  1. Author Link Behavior
  2. Story Group Story Part Link Behavior
  3. Text Story Part Behavior

1. Author Links - Please see the article metadata above. Preference is to remove this link logic entirely.

2.Story Group aka Tabs Links- this is below. Preference is to have these keep the user in the webview, and ideally on the same template.

3. Text Story Part Links:

This is a text story part. Occasionally you will see two different types of links in these:

1) Programmatically generated links to Player Profiles and Team Profiles. For example - Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , respectively. The options for this, in order of preference, are:

  • Deep link to app feature where possible.
  • Remove links and render as regular text.
  • Send users out of app and go to mobile web browsers.
  • Load profile URLs in webview, keeping users still within the app.

2) Manually created hyperlinks. Here are 6 versions:


  1. Photo Album Story Part
  2. Promo Story Part
  3. Table Story Part

Below is an album that, when clicking the title, will send users to the album detail page. This one will send users to Options in order of preference are:

1) Strip link entirely

2) Send user to mobile browser.

Hall of Fame head coach and two-time Super Bowl champion Don Shula has died at age 90. Shula coached for 33 years, had 347 victories, and was the head coach in the Super Bowl six times, winning two of them. Take a look at the career of former NFL head coach Don Shula through the years.

Below is a video story part. There is no link logic - I am including here to also test the hero player integration.

Below is a promo story part. This should send users to whatever url has been programmed via the device's default mobile browser. If not possible, we should strip this link logic.


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