Around The NFL's Preseason Awards

We've previewed every regular season award possible in writing and on our podcast, but what about the five weeks we've just wasted?

In bars across America, the people have loudly debated the merits of various Preseason MVP candidates before sadly realizing the Preseason MVP award does not exist. At least not until now.

Let's make some history:

Preseason MVP: Corey Washington

We'll someday tell our grandchildren about Washington's magical August of 2014. The little-known wideout scored a game-winning touchdown in four straight games for the New York Giants. If "clutch" exists, that's it.

The undrafted 6-foot-4 player earned a spot on the Giants by leading the team in receiving for the month. Only in August can Nassib-to-Washington be the key ingredients to an undefeated record.

"He has one area that he has done very well and this is he will go up and get the ball," coach Tom Coughlin said.

Well, that seems like a significant area to do well when it's your job to catch footballs.

Honorable mention

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs: Seemingly every other catch was a 46-yard touchdown.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars: It took one month to make general manager David Caldwell look like a genius.

Matt McGloin, Oakland Raiders: He almost won the award purely based on his Michael Jordan-like shoulder shrug after throwing a game-winning touchdown against Detroit.

Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints: It took four years as a pro for Ingram to look like he did in college.

Defensive Player of the Preseason: Margus Hunt:

Anyone who watched Hard Knocks last season has a soft spot for Hunt. In August, he took all his raw talent and turned it into production.

I could go on about Hunt, but Chris Wesseling already did it for me here.

Honorable mention

Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: He's one star player who doesn't play half speed in August.

Andre Hal, Houston Texans: I have no idea who Hal is, but two pick-sixes in one preseason has to be a record.

Jay Elliott, Green Bay Packers: He's what the preseason is about, in the best way possible. Five sacks in the fake games should have earned him a roster spot. He had three sacks in one four-play stretch during one game!

Comeback Player of the Preseason: Santonio Holmes, Chicago Bears

Fewer than two weeks ago, he didn't have a job. Now Holmes has shown he's completely recovered from being the first man in NFL history to get kicked out of his own huddle.

The race for the 2015 Preseason MVP, meanwhile, is only 11 months away.

The latest "Around The NFL Podcast" predicts our Super Bowl champions and the major winners of the regular-season awards.

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