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Arian Foster 'doing great' in rehab from torn Achilles

The early stages of free agency came and went without anyone taking a chance on veteran running back Arian Foster.

Cut by the Texans earlier this month, Foster is still making his way back from the ruptured Achilles he suffered in an October loss to the Dolphins.

The four-time Pro Bowler has been jogging since January and working out twice a day at IX Innovations, the Houston-based training facility owned by his brother, Abdul Foster, per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

According to Abdul, "Arian's doing great."

"When you go through stuff like this, you say, 'Okay, I'm financially set. I don't need to do this to take care of my family, but, at the end of the day, do I still love this game? Is there still a passion for me?'" Abdul said. "The reason I'm excited is because Arian is still passionate about football.

"That's always a question when money is involved and you've made your mark in the league. Do you still have a desire to play in the league? Arian still does, which is exciting to me. The good part is he's motivated. He's definitely putting in the work here."

It's no surprise that Foster is still available. As we mentioned on the Around The NFL Podcast, he wasn't likely to be snatched up until he's healthy. Expected to be ready for camp, Foster can take his time picking a new team -- and there will be options. While he's about to turn 30, general managers league-wide remember when Foster looked sensational for stretches of 2014.

"The bad part is Arian's had a string of injuries, the good part is he doesn't have as much wear and tear and carries and games that a seven-year vet would normally have," Abdul said. "He's still young. The good part about Arian and what makes him an every-down back is he's sharp and one of the reasons he was one of the Texans' prize possessions. He understands the game. Arian's definitely in the position to make a right decision for himself. I think it's good. He will find a way to rejuvenate himself in football."

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