Aqib Talib on Michael Crabtree scuffle: It's unfortunate

A day after getting into another chain-snatching incident with Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree, Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib expressed some remorse over what happened.

"I came out there to play football on Sunday," Talib told reporters Monday. "I really don't know what he came out there to do. I just came out there to play football. He came out here on his extra stuff -- one thing led to another, man. It's unfortunate. I wish it didn't happen, but it happened."

Talib and Crabtree were ejected in the first quarter of the Raiders' 21-14 win after getting into an on-field fight. Broncos cornerback Chris Harris alleges Crabtree sucker punched him the play before Talib and Crabtree got into their altercation. Both Talib and Crabtree were given unnecessary roughness penalties. Raiders guard Gabe Jackson also was ejected after making contact with an official during the incident.

For the second straight year, Talib and Crabtree got into an in-game altercation that involved the star defensive back pulling off Crabtree's gold necklace. Sunday's altercation was much more heated than last year's, however, with the two engaging in a push-pull match that ended up knocking over at least a couple people standing on the sideline before they were swarmed by Broncos players. After being briefly separated, both players broke away from teammates and threw punches at one another.

Talib said he wasn't trying to retaliate or defend Harris for what allegedly happened a play earlier.

"If you see the play, I didn't defend Chris," Talib said. "He punched Chris, next play he came [and] punched me. So, I mean, so he was on whatever he was on. So, I wasn't even defending Chris this time, it wasn't a problem."

Per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, the fight is being reviewed by the NFL for potential discipline. No decision on the matter will be made until a full review, and there is a possibility both players could be suspended, Rapoport reported.

UPDATE: Talib and Crabtree were each suspended two games by the NFL on Monday.

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