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Antonio Brown on Vontaze Burfict: 'He's an idiot'

In an alternate universe, Antonio Brown bounced back quickly from a concussion suffered in the wild-card round on a hit from Vontaze Burfict, he played the next game, the Steelers went on to defeat the Broncos and ultimately replace them in the Super Bowl.

In this universe, Brown missed the Divisional Round and the Steelers lost by seven points.

Speaking on NFL Network's Super Bowl HQ Thursday morning, Brown said that defenders like Burfict (who received a three-game suspension) are trying to take him out of the game.

"It's unfair, unfortunately," Brown said of not being able to play versus the Broncos. "But that is where I'm at now. Guys don't want to stop me, guys want to kill me and take me out of the game."

Following the game, Bengals corner Adam Jones went on the Dan Patrick Show and said he "knew" Brown "was faking" the injury. On Thursday, A.B. retorted that no response from Jones or the Bengals surprised him.

"I was a little upset about it all, but nothing surprised me," he said. "I know the position I'm in. Guys are going to try and take me out, but I got to be able to overcome it all and not let those type of things affect me."

Jones tried to apologize for his comments after Brown missed the Divisional Round, but the receiver had no interest in talking to the corner.

"Not at all, I think he texted me, but I was really upset," Brown said when asked if he talked to Jones. "A guy goes on national TV and says I'm an actor towards anything that regards the game. I'm a true professional. I don't play no acting games and I take pride in my work and being a professional."

On Thursday, Brown was asked on the Dan Patrick Show what he would say about Burfict. "He's an idiot," he replied. "In that situation Burflict and Pacman Jones cost them the game, from the hit to the personal foul, allowed us to make the field goal and advance to the next round."

Missing Brown -- the top receiver in the NFL in 2015 -- disrupted a high-flying Steelers offense versus the Broncos, but the wideout won't play the what-if game all offseason.

"That's always going to be a thought we got to live with all offseason," he said. "What if I could have played or if we could have done anything different to have our guys back who were injured? But we don't make excuses...we'll be ready and excited for 2016."

So are we, Antonio, so are we.

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