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Antonio Brown on his video: 'I got carried away'

The Antonio Brownapology tour continued Wednesday when the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver addressed his Facebook Live video following the team's 18-16 playoff win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Brown has taken no umbrage at Mike Tomlin's characterization of his actions as "foolish" and "inconsiderate" to teammates and coaches.

"I have the utmost respect for our coach so I sorely regret that," Brown said during a news conference. "I stand by my statement last night. I just got carried away in the moment. I live with that moment from last year, not being able to play in the divisional game, not being able to make the trip with the team, so I was extremely excited in that moment."

Brown was referencing last January's narrow Divisional Round loss to the Denver Broncos, a game he missed due to a concussion sustained the week prior.

The All-Pro wideout takes full responsibility for his actions, which exposed the team's head coach and threaten to cause a distraction in the lead-up to the AFC Championship Game.

"We're not perfect. I'm human and I make mistakes, but as a man I own up to those mistakes," Brown explained. "I was genuinely excited in that moment. I wanted to give the fans the team experience of being excited after the game. I think people know what I stand for, what I represent, and what type of person I am."

Although Brown violated league policy with his locker-room video, there's no reason to believe the discipline will force him to miss game action.

"The punishment will be between me and the NFL," Brown said.

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