Anthony Lynn downplays Chargers-Rams rivalry talk

When two franchises reboot and move to the same city, the push for undecided fans is a critical part of each team's growth.

So does Chargers coach Anthony Lynn feel the heat of a soon-to-be simmering rivalry with the neighboring Rams?

"Not really," Lynn said, via the OC Register. "Because neither one of us have done anything yet. So you've got to do something first. Maybe the fight is between the marketing departments. I don't know."

Lynn is smart enough to know that intra-city rivalries take time, come in phases and are largely organic. As an assistant head coach and running backs coach with the Jets throughout the Rex Ryan era, Lynn saw the peak of Jets-Giants fever come and go on Christmas Eve in 2011 when the 8-6 Jets lost to the 7-7 Giants thanks in large part to a 99-yard touchdown catch by Victor Cruz. The Giants backed into the playoffs and won the Super Bowl while the Jets watched their team implode on the field in a season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins.

At the time, that game was electric. Jets fans were still riding a high from two straight trips to the AFC Championship game. The Giants were trying to regain their mystique from a 2007 Super Bowl run. Tickets were hard to come by. A lot of loud New Jersians screamed at one another in the parking lot.

The Register piece gets into the practice fights between both teams this offseason, though Lynn backs away from any responsibility from the Chargers' players. He probably remembers Giants-Jets preseason games always being a little chippy in that way. But whether or not Rams-Chargers ever carries the same weight as Jets-Giants remains to be seen. It took decades of altering fortunes to put both teams in the right place at the right time.

Can Lynn and Rams coach Sean McVay forge a dynamic rivalry any faster?

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