Anthony Castonzo explains 'Street Fighter II' dance

It was one of the best touchdown celebrations of the year, and Anthony Castonzo learned it from his Super Nintendo. Who said video games are bad for the youth of America?

After hauling in a 1-yard touchdown pass from Andrew Luck on Sunday night, the Colts left tackle broke into what looked something like a modified jumping jack. After the game, one sharp-eyed reporter asked if Castonzo was doing an impression of a 16-bit character from long ago. The year 1992, to be exact.

"That was the Dhalsim celebration from Street Fighter II," Castonzo confirmed after the game, according to the Colts' official website. "He's kind of like a left tackle in the sense that he uses his hands to keep guys away from him."

"His little yoga celebration," he went on. "His other celebration is when he floats in midair, but I wasn't prepared to do that one."

You can watch both Dhalsim celebrations, including the one Castonzo could pull off if he were Michael Keaton in Birdman.

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