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Andy Reid on Patrick Mahomes: 'He likes to work'

While the Chiefs seem intent on waiting at least a year to debut 2017 first-round pick Patrick Mahomes in live, regular-season action, the Kansas City Star dropped an interesting nugget about the rookie's relationship with head coach Andy Reid during their minicamp over the weekend.

"Andy Reid has been coaching long enough to know that everybody was going to ask about his new quarterback at the conclusion of the Chiefs' three-day rookie minicamp on Monday," wrote stellar Chiefs beat reporter Terez Paylor on Monday. "So Reid, who kept a watchful eye on Patrick Mahomes II all weekend long -- even turning away from the backups at times to advise or answer questions from his first-round rookie -- didn't even wait for a question during his annual post-minicamp presser before diving into the topic of Mahomes."

The unprompted quote from Reid was as follows:

"I know the question is going to be about the quarterback. We saw him come in and improve every day that he was here with his verbiage and his footwork.

"Does he have a ways to go? Absolutely. But the nice thing about him is that we found out that he likes to work and that's the big thing."

I believe Reid, Alex Smith and general manager John Dorsey when they talk about this still being Smith's team -- he has one of the best records in football over the previous four years and his limitations on the field often seem greatly exaggerated. However, the excitement around Mahomes is undeniable and only Smith can control how long it will be before that excitement spreads to the Chiefs' fan base.

It also has to be exciting for Reid personally. This is the highest-ceilinged rookie quarterback he's gotten the chance to work with since Donovan McNabb. For a coach that has been immersed in and fascinated with the position for most of his career, it's difficult not to consider the Mahomes project a personal one.

Smith's dogged preparation will allow Reid to take more of these coaching asides over the coming months, weeks and years. But how quickly until Mahomes catches on and starts commanding more reps?

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