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Andy Reid: Fogged-up face shield was 'brutal' in season opener 

As Thursday night's season-opener pressed on, Andy Reid's team pulled away from the Houston Texans en route to a 34-20 victory.

One of the biggest questions as the game crept forward was whether the Kansas City Chiefs coach could even see the game he was calling.

Reid's face shield began to fog up like car windows on a midwinter's eve.

After the win, the Super Bowl-winning coach was asked by Aaron Ladd of KSHB in K.C. about the face shield.

"That was brutal," Reid said after the game. "I didn't do very good with that thing. It will be better the next time. I appreciate you asking that, though. It was a bit of a mess, but we'll get it fixed."

Reid's struggles weren't lost on John Harbaugh, who told reporters Friday he had been considering wearing a face shield himself.

"I dismissed that after last night," Harbaugh said.

Predictably, social media had a field day with Reid's mask situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced coaches on the sideline to wear face coverings. Reid opted for the shield, while Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien chose a mask. We'll see what the other 30 head coaches choose over the weekend.

Aside from adjusting his game plan for opponents each week, Reid might also have to tweak his mask-game. The fog will only get worse as the season gets colder.

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