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Andre Johnson non-factor as Colts look for identity

Andre Johnson returns to his former club in Houston this weekend with just seven catches and 51 receiving yards. Over the Colts' last two games, he was thrown to three times, and has not logged a single catch.

In the midst of a dream team hangover, this is the reality for the Indianapolis Colts and their cadre of star-power players that aren't putting up monstrous statistics. There doesn't seem to be a game plan.

Johnson, at 6-3, has disappeared.

"Anytime you've been somewhere for 12 seasons and you make a change, it's challenging," Johnson said Monday, via The Indianapolis Star. "But at the same time it's an experience and I'm just rolling (with it). I don't have any regrets on any decisions I've made."

The great irony is that Johnson finally has the quarterback to get him the ball after putting up monstrous numbers in Houston all those years without one. It speaks to a larger problem, of course, which was brought up by tight end Dwayne Allen on Monday.

"What is our identity?" he said, via "We have all these pieces, but what are we? Are we a running team? Are we a passing team? Who are the passing options?"

All good questions.

For now, Johnson, like Jimmy Graham in Seattle, is discovering what life is like when a team tries so desperately to fit you in but doesn't quite know how.

Though Johnson probably isn't longing for his days as a Texan, he probably misses getting the ball.

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