Andre Johnson: I support both Mallett and Fitzpatrick

Andre Johnson hasn't exactly had booming stat lines with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. Now with the switch to the strong-armed Ryan Mallett, might we see a rejuvenated A.J.?

Coming off a game in which he had two catches for 12 yards, Johnson was subdued about Mallett and the quarterback change.

"I think the guy can throw the ball." Johnson said, per the Houston Chronicle. But he quickly added, "I think both of them can. I think the world of both of them. I support both of them. Both of them are my teammates. Whoever's out there, Mallett or Fitz, I'll give it my best to get open. I feel comfortable with both guys."

Glad we got that cleared up.

Johnson sounds like a man that is still deicing which island to escape to for his bye-week vacation.

The quarterback switch had to be made for Bill O'Brien to at least attempt to jumpstart a middling offense. Fitzpatrick is a serviceable bridge quarterback, but at some point the Texans needed to find out whether Mallett is the future or not.

How that affects Johnson's play the rest of the season remains to be seen. For one of the all-time greats, an already trying year -- in which he tried to get out of Houston -- just took another jaunt down Mystery Lane.

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