Andre Johnson: I need to go to an island or something

The Houston Texans hit their bye week at 4-5, an also-ran in a conference that's unlikely to offer up a realistic path to the postseason.

We imagine this is exactly what Andre Johnson worried about this summer, when his frustrations about the Texans' viability as a contender led to his decision to skip the team's entire offseason workout program.

Houston's offense has been predictably bland with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, and Johnson isn't producing at expected levels. The seven-time Pro Bowl selection had just two receptions for 12 yards in Sunday's loss to the Eagles, prompting cornerback Cary Williams to say Johnson "is not the same guy."

"I don't know if he's happy," Williams said, according to Sports Radio 610. "I'm not sure. I know he had some disputes before the season in a couple years now. But I know Andre Johnson. I know what he's done over his career. Just the attitude. It just wasn't the same."

Johnson didn't exactly fire back when asked about Williams' comments.

"I'm trying to help the team win," Johnson said, according to the Houston Chronicle. "But I only can do what I can do. I can't control everything. I only can control what I can. That's it. I can't block. I can't cover guys. I can't throw the ball. All I can do is run routes and try to get open and catch the ball."

Johnson was increasingly passive during his brief interaction with reporters:

Are you getting open and not receiving the ball?

"I don't know. You watched the game."

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

"I don't know. We'll see."

Will you speak with Texans coach Bill O'Brien about your role in the offense?

"I don't really think there's much to talk about."

Your thoughts on Williams' observation about your intensity level?

"Maybe they see something I don't see."

Where do you plan to spend your bye week?

"I just need to go to like an island or something."

If I'm the Texans, I'm legitimately concerned Johnson buys a one-way ticket.

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