Andre Johnson believes his time will come with Colts

Has anyone seen Andre Johnson?

We've been told the longtime Texans star signed with the Colts in the offseason. And, yes, the Andre Johnson in Indianapolis certainly matches the physical description of the guy who set every franchise receiving record over 12 years in Houston.

But that's where the similarities end. Johnson, 34, has been a total non-factor through three games, managing just seven catches for 51 yards. In Sunday's 35-33 win over the Titans, Johnson was shut out of the box score entirely. His only official target came on a pass in which he stumbled and got clunked on the shoulder pad by an Andrew Luck spiral.

Is this it for Johnson? Or is he just a veteran who will need a few weeks to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings?

"In coming to this team, I knew that we had a lot of guys here that can make plays," Johnson said Wednesday, according to "You just have to wait (for) your time. Your time will come. I've had my fair share of being the No. 1 guy, catching eight or nine balls a game. My biggest reason for coming here was to come in and help as much as I can to win games.

"What's required of me in the first few games, it hasn't been what's been most of my career. I'm not upset. I'm here to win."

The Texans released Johnson because they believed he had declined to the point that he was no longer a starter. The Colts gave Johnson a contract that conveyed their belief he had productive years left. So far, Houston has won this evaluation.

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