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America's Team: Playing with experts is not easy

Sometimes you lose in fantasy football because your team just didn't show up. And sometimes, you lose because you faced the highest scoring team of the week. When both things happen at the same time, it's a perfect storm (no, not Storm Johnson) for disaster.

And so the fantasy football season rolls on, as America's Team lost its third straight matchup, this time to Elliot Harrison in Week 6. Harrison's team was the highest scoring in the NFL Fantasy LIVE league, so there wasn't much America could do to prevent another loss. Just trying to find the silver lining here people.

Our Week 6 started off on the wrong foot in this matchup when Harrison had Arian Foster post 26.10 points on Thursday night. E.H. also enjoyed a big week from Steve Smith Sr. (17.00 fantasy points), Steven Gostkowski (15.00 -- yes, from a kicker) and a combination of Nick Foles (14.42) and Lamar Miller (13.30). Again, America left some points on the bench with Julian Edelman (10.10) and Pierre Garcon (9.10), but there was no stopping Harrison this week.

We had first priority on the waiver-wire, and America voted to go for the Falcons' home run-hitting running back Antone Smith. Whether we start him in Week 7 is up to you, America. You can also help us determine which kicker to pick up since Cody Parkey is on a bye this week.

There is also a trade on the table for America's Team for the first time this season. Adam Rank has offered to send over Fred Jackson (we're in desperate need of a decent running back) and the struggling Cordarrelle Patterson, for Dez Bryant. We'd be getting a back that we really need, but would likely be benching Patterson until he has a breakout game. Bryant has played well consistently but still hasn't given us that huge game we could have used to eke out a couple of wins in our closer matchups.

Plus, if we ship off Bryant, Terrance Williams is still on the waiver wire, and we could scoop him up for some depth. It looks like the current consensus is to not accept the trade but there is still a lot of time to vote, so make sure you go to Fantasy Genius and vote on whether we should accept or reject the trade.

Coming up in Week 7, we face NFL Fantasy Live host Matt "Money" Smith. He's 4-2 on the season so far and owns a nice Packers combo of Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson. Plus he has Drew Brees returning from a bye this week and Justin Forsett facing a great matchup against the Falcons.

Hopefully, we can pull out a win this week because it's getting to the point of no return if we keep losing. But we must hold our collective heads high, march onward and fight to the finish! It's the American Way!

You can help out America's Team by voting on who we should add, drop, start and sit in Week 7 and beyond right HERE, or by voting below.

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