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Alshon Jeffery doubles down on Super Bowl prediction

Typically, professional athletes tend to walk back bold predictions or statements made in the heat of the moment or the aftermath of battle. Alshon Jeffery is not one of those athletes.

The Eagles wide receiver on Tuesday doubled down on a hot take from over nine months ago, when he was playing for the Chicago Bears and nowhere near playoff contention.

"I guarantee you we'll win the Super Bowl next year," Jeffery declared then, right after Chicago had dropped to 3-13. The wideout said this knowing he was about to enter free agency, which made the statement all the more peculiar.

Now the most-targeted receiver on the best team in football, and ahead of a revenge game this week against Chicago, Jeffery's confidence hasn't wavered.

"I never said a team, though," Jeffery told reporters Tuesday. "I never said a team."

Jeffery's transferable Super Bowl hot take looks better by the week. The 9-1 Eagles are in pole position to secure home-field advantage in the NFC and have put to bed any semblance of a race in the NFC East after dispatching of the Dallas Cowboys on national television.

No one would dispute that the Eagles at this moment have a far better chance to win a title than the Bears, who without Jeffery (or any go-to receivers, for that matter) are rebuilding with Mitchell Trubisky and are stuck at 3-7 in the NFC North cellar.

But Jeffery cares not that his take has cooled.

"Winning championships, that's most important to me," he said. "A lot of players make a lot of money, but some of them never make the playoffs, never get to experience a lot of things. Like being here in Philly, the atmosphere where we all want that for each other. We all want to go to the playoffs. We all want to win a championship. We're all together."

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