Adrian Peterson visiting with Seattle Seahawks

We're no longer solely working off Adrian Peterson's lengthy list of ideal destinations.

The Seattle Seahawks broke the ice and brought in the All-Pro running back for a visit on Sunday, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

For those who sense a trend coming on, Seattle is also bringing in Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy and Latavius Murray this week.

Peterson is an interesting fit for the Seahawks, who, despite favoring a brand of power football, still run many of their plays from the shotgun -- a slightly less favorable starting point for Peterson than a straightforward I formation or single back formation where the quarterback is under center. A nice explainer from the Star-Tribune in Minnesota can be found here.

Behind Tony Romo, the 31-year-old running back has been the subject of most curiosity since the start of the new league year. A steady stream of ideal destinations has been released from the running back's camp, but for the time being, there has been little movement. Now, a picture of realistic suitors for the seven-time Pro Bowler may start emerging.

As Rapoport reported previously, the best option for Peterson may be to remain with the Vikings. He is still considered a franchise face there and the team would already have a far better idea of how to use him. As noted earlier, the Seahawks seem to be on a very broad search for a veteran power back and it's unclear if Peterson will ultimately fit in.

Visits like these, though, have the potential of jarring the rest of the teams potentially interested in Peterson loose. It could end up being a busy week after all.

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