Adrian Peterson takes blame for Vikings' playoff loss

Blair Walshis the face of the Minnesota Vikings' playoff failure, but he shouldn't be in the picture alone.

Adrian Peterson's second-half fumble led to a Seattle Seahawks' field goal and a 10-9 lead.

"It's tough," Peterson said explaining the fumble, via "I had the first down, and my mentality is, trying to scratch for a few yards. That's one of those times where I should have just put a double arm wrap (on the ball). After that, you're just praying the defense gives us another opportunity. But if I don't put that ball on the ground, they don't kick that field goal to take the lead."

Peterson fumbled seven times during the season. He's lost two fourth-quarter fumbles in the last eight games after not fumbling at all in the final frame from 2009 to 2014. Peterson rushed for just 45 yards on 23 carries (2.0 yards per carry), failing to top 50 yards in either game versus Seattle this season.

"I felt a lot of responsibility (for this loss)," Peterson said. "The last field goal, being an inch away from the first down, that haunts me. I'm sick about that. I hold myself responsible for this loss, as well."

Peterson doubled down on taking responsibility for the loss.

"Without a doubt. I definitely take the blame, without a doubt. We almost had it. Just too many missed opportunities," he said, via the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Peterson played poorly in the biggest game of the season and the Vikings' offense was frozen, compiling just 183 total yards.

Despite the failure in a game few gave the Vikings a chance to win, it's easy to see that the building blocks are in place for coach Mike Zimmer's squad.

"Without a doubt, we'll be back," Peterson added. "There are some good things we can take from this year. It's going to be a grind. But we know we have the winning formula."

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