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Adrian Peterson expounds on dangerous love of shrimp

While the rest of the football world has moved on from DipGate, Around The NFL lingers.

You should know the back story by now: On Sunday, FOX -- broadcasting the Vikings' Week 7 matchup against the Lions -- reported that Peterson had been downgraded to questionable after he swallowed tobacco dip during a bumpy flight to Detroit.

Peterson played in the game, rushing for 98 yards on 19 carries in a win. Afterward, he debunked the FOX report, explaining that it was a serving of shrimp (Peterson is allergic to shellfish) that likely prompted his stomach discomfort.

We found the shellfish explanation to be suspicious, to say the least. We needed to hear more. On Wednesday, Peterson provided a more detailed explanation, both how he got sick and how much he loves edible crustaceans. We now present (via that commentary without edit or interruption, because that's the reverence it deserves.

"You know, people would be like, 'Why do you eat shrimp when you're allergic to it?' Well, here's the thing: I've eaten shrimp my entire life. Shrimp is not my ... you know, when you get the tests done, you have, for instance, scallops, lobster, shrimp and, let's say, peanuts that they're testing you for. You might swell up more when there's lobster. You might have a bigger allergic reaction to lobster than you do shrimp. Shrimp might just spring up a little bit. Shrimp is like a little reaction. Now, lobster and especially scallops, then that's when I really swell up. So I can kind of get away with it, but I know it is playing with fire, I can kind of get away with eating shrimp."

Poor guy. Peterson added that the dip story spread when Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner "made a joke and it just took off." Way to go, Norval.

This made me chuckle. Archer is great. And yes, rest easy, AP. We now believe you.

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