Adam Jones could be fined for Amari Cooper slam

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones doesn't think he'll be punished for bumping Raiders rookie Amari Cooper's head into his dislodged helmet midway through the second quarter of Sunday's 33-13 win over Oakland.

In a brief interview with ESPN, Jones simply said: "No."

Jones added: "Whatever you saw happen, that's what happened. I'm just here to play football. I don't back down from anybody and I'm not out here trying to start anything. I'm just out here playing football."

NFL spokesman Michael Signora told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that the play is under review. According to a source informed of the process, it is expected that Jones will be fined but not suspended.

A day later, it still seems miraculous that Jones wasn't ejected on the spot. Regardless of how much force was actually applied, it was still a move violent in nature, and fits snuggly into the league's rules against throwing a punch, forearm or kick at an opponent.

For his part, Cooper kept his cool and told afterward that "it's football. It's a physical game so you kind of expect it."

Though it's safe to say he didn't expect one of the league's most notorious veterans to jam his head into the turf.

Then again, maybe he did. Jones and Cooper seem to be the only ones who aren't completely shocked by this. Could be because Jones hasn't seen the fine just yet.

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