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Aaron Rodgers responds to 'dumb' fan criticism

It's a truism about modern life that everything's amazing and nobody is happy. And while plenty of Packers fans have enjoyed the succession of quarterback Gods from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, you can always find someone willing to complain about something.

Enter a letter to the editor to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last week that inspired some groans and laughs from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, claiming that Rodgers' "hard counts" are ruining the game.

This being 2016, everything is amazing. And a random, funny letter to the editor can get some viral momentum and actually get a response from an NFL MVP, who took in the right spirit.

You know things have grown bad for Mr. Klatt when Matt Flynn joins the piling on in the first Twitter response. Between this effort and Rodgers' UFO-flavored appearance on Pete Holmes' podcast, it's been a strong offseason for him overall. The return of Jordy Nelson, a slimmed-down Eddie Lacy, and great continuity for Green Bay's offense, Rodgers has a good chance to enjoy an amazing autumn as well.

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