Aaron Rodgers: 'Nothing's changed' after Stafford deal

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers knew the question was coming -- and it did.

After seeing Detroit's Matthew Stafford ink a $27 million-per-year pact that makes him the NFL's highest-paid passer, Rodgers was asked Tuesday what that means for his contract situation in Green Bay.

"When it comes to how that affects my own status, nothing's changed," Rodgers said, per ESPN's Rob Demovsky. "I have this year and two more years to play, and that stuff takes care of itself."

What else can Rodgers say? After watching a rash of quarterbacks sign extensions, the Packers All-Pro now finds himself as the NFL's seventh highest-paid signal-caller on a five-year, $110 million deal that doesn't expire until after 2019.

Rodgers, 33, has talked about playing into his 40s, meaning the Packers will certainly redo this current contract before it expires.

If anything, his calm over Stafford's deal is appreciated. The breathless fascination over the latest quarterback to sign a deal -- *How can Matthew Stafford be the highest-paid? He's never won a playoff game! * -- is an absurd aside to life's reality at the position.

The quarterback has been under-compensated for decades. With the salary cap finally rising to enormous sums, the money-rich contracts will continue to seep in for every starting arm league-wide.

Rodgers will have his day again -- and he knows it.

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