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Aaron Rodgers calls out 'idiot trolls' over grape soda

Aaron Rodgers sat at a podium TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday and took questions about the Packers' win over the Vikings. In between answers, the star quarterback took swigs from a 20-ounce bottle of Crush grape soda.

Conspiracy mongers -- former Packers safety LeRoy Butler among them -- theorized that Rodgers' choice of beverage was a subtle troll job of the Vikings, Green Bay's purple-clad division rival. Purple crush, get it?

During his weekly radio show, Rodgers told ESPN's Jason Wilde that people who believe he was taunting a vanquished opponent are "idiots." Rodgers says he's been drinking Crush after games for years.

"Seven years. To all the idiot trolls out there, seven years," Rodgers said, via "PBJ and Grape or Orange Crush. It's been grape for the last five, the first couple years it was orange or grape. Seven years.

"Anybody who knows, any of the local media or anybody who's seen me after a game, I'm always carrying that around with me," he went on. "That's probably the only soda that I ever drink -- right after the game, when you've got to get those nutrients back with you. So that's my post-game (snack) -- PBJ and the Grape Crush. I do like it, contrary to anybody who thinks I was trolling anything. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's comical.

"I don't do those kind of things."

We tend to believe Rodgers, who isn't the type to gloat, especially on a day when the Packers crushed no one (the 24-21 win was far from Green Bay's most shining achievement). Then again, Rodgers is a bit of a cad. We wouldn't be totally stunned if he wanted to make his offensive linemen laugh.

But perhaps it's the internet code-breakers who laugh last.

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