A guide to NFL.com's fantasy football game

Year in and year out, NFL.com brings new features and upgrades to our users. In 2011, we introduced the Custom Draft Board as well as our NFL-Experience Leagues. In 2012, we stepped our game up once again and introduced a completely redesigned Draft Client which included Auction Drafts and an expanded Mock Draft selection. Also, we have added our own Watch List and League Power Rankings just to name a few.

Let's begin with the biggest upgrade for this season; the Draft Client. The Draft Client is fully customizable allowing you to cater it to your exact preferences. Don't want to view the Chat feature? No problem. Just minimize and put all of your focus into your roster or draft history. Not only can you customize the draft client, but you can draft from your tablet device. Now if you cannot be at your computer for your live draft, draft on the go with your tablet. Be sure to test this out in our Mock Drafts to really get a feel for just how clean and quick this new Draft Client is.

Not only has the Draft Client been revamped, we have introduced Auction Drafts as well. An auction draft brings a whole new element to drafting and is a ton of fun. Try out your auction draft strategy in our mock drafts that are available right now!

Our Mock Draft Lobby has been expanded for the 2012 season to incorporate Auction and Standard drafts as well as IDP and PPR leagues. League sizes have increased as well allowing you to draft in leagues ranging in size from 8 users to 14 users.

Incorporating both League Power Rankings and a Watch List really bring the fantasy experience to the next level. League Power Rankings allow for you to really see how your team stacks up against other users in your league. Our Breakdown rankings show you how your team faired against each team in your league for each week. The Coach rankings compare your starting lineup versus your team's ideal lineup for any given week and see how many points were left on your bench. The True rankings take into account each ranking and assign you an overall rank. The Watch List allows you to essentially create a scout team. You can monitor players to see how they playing before adding them to your roster as a Free Agent or making a trade offer to the current owner of this budding star.

The 2012 NFL season is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your fantasy season kicked off. With so many new features at your disposal fantasy football has never been this much fun. Getting started is quick and easy so sign up today.

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