49ers DE Nick Bosa week-to-week with muscle strain in leg

Nick Bosa isn't 100% with less than three weeks before the season kicks off, but it sounds as if things could've been worse.

Bosa is week-to-week with a muscle strain in his leg, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters Tuesday, per ESPN's Nick Wagoner.

The strain was discovered by an MRI after Bosa had complained of soreness in his legs, which resulted in a day off, according to Shanahan. Bosa's condition worsened following the day off, leading to the MRI and revelation of a legitimate issue.

Shanahan said he was glad Bosa had the off day when he did, because it led to the MRI. Otherwise, Bosa would have practiced and could have injured himself further.

Bosa's absence takes away the reigning AP Defensive Rookie of the Year and a Pro Bowl selection who makes a significant impact on San Francisco's stout defensive front. Its strength still lies in the group, though, and while missing Bosa means taking the field without a game-altering force off the edge, the Niners can weather the loss.

With 19 days remaining between now and the 49ers' season opener against the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco has the luxury of time to put Bosa on ice and allow his injury to heal.

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