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2015 Cardinals to be subject of new NFL Films series

Ever watch a season of Hard Knocks, then think to yourself or aloud, "Man, I wish they did a whole season of this?"

We might be closer to that reality.

NFL Films announced Monday it will debut a series later this summer titled All or Nothing, which will focus on the 2015 Arizona Cardinals team that went 13-3 and advanced to the NFC title game. The series will be available exclusively on Amazon Video.

According to the announcement, "All or Nothing will offer fans a glimpse into the week-to-week drama that unfolds within the lives of players, coaches and owners of an NFL franchise during the course of the regular season."

Sounds a lot like Hard Knocks, doesn't it?

That's not a bad thing, of course. HBO's Hard Knocks, which offers an in-depth look at the internal workings of one team during training camp, is probably the greatest sports documentary series in the history of television. Providing that type of coverage for a full season seemed like a logical next step, though we always figured NFL Films would struggle to find a team willing to provide that type of access when the games counted.

Apparently, they did. The Cardinals were a killer group to focus on, too. The team had a successful but ultimately star-crossed season, and is filled with stars and storylines and coach Bruce Arians. Glorious Bruce Arians.

Color us optimistic about the product here.

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