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100 Reasons why we're geeked for 2013 NFL season


The 2013 NFL season kicked off on Thursday and I, for one, couldn't be more excited about it. How excited? Allow me, Adam Rank, to give you 100 reasons to be geeked to be back to football.

1. Fantasy football!

You think it's too late to sign up? It's not. Do it!...I'll wait. 

2. Read-Option

Teams have had a year to figure it out.  Let's see what happens now. 

3. NFL Fantasy Live

NFL Fantasy Live is moving to 5 p.m. ET this year! Make sure to set your DVR! Or, you know, watch it live!

4. Thursday Night Football on NFL Network

The start of every football week begins with Rich Eisen and the Hall of Famers on Thursday night. And yes, I'm calling Steve Mariucci a hall of famer, because he's that great of a guy.

5. Manning vs. Manning

As luck would have it, the second week of the season will feature Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos against the Eli Manning's New York Giants. Who doesn't like a sibling rivalry?

6. There is a Joe Flacco photo hanging from Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium

Yeah, this doesn't need an explanation. That would be akin to hanging a Kobe Bryant photo from the Boston Garden.

I've bought in.

8. The Super Sophomore QBs

Can Andrew Luck, RG3 and Russell Wilson provide an encore?

9. No, I didn't forget Colin Kaepernick

He's actually in his third season, selected in the same draft as Cam Newton. There hasn't been this much great young quarterback talent in ages.

10. The Houston Texans

Many are predicting big things for the Texans this season. Time to see if they step up, or if the window has closed.

11. Familiar Face in New Place, Part I

Ed Reed has come to Houston to help bring that championship attitude.

12. Familiar Face in New Place, Part II

Wes Welker joins the Denver Broncos and that sick receiving corp is like the NFL version of The Shield.

13. Megatron

Dude crushed the "Madden Curse" by nearly going for 2,000 receiving yards in 2012. I won't doubt him this year.

14. 2,500

That's the goal for Adrian Peterson this year. Hey, many of us didn't think he would play much last year. So when AD says 2,500, I'm like, "Yes sir, why not 3,000?"

15. The Atlanta Falcons

The favorites in the NFC right now. But can Matt Ryan do it? It's going to be fun finding out.

16. Familiar Face in New Place, Part III

Steven Jackson gives the Falcons' offense an unpredictability it lacked with the one-dimensional Michael Turner.

17. Rex Ryan

We never cared for the Jets much before he arrived and odds are we won't after his expected demise this year. He's got our interest now.

18. Joe Namath's Twitter account

He makes the Jets' season even more enjoyable, which I didn't think was possible.

19. The N "if" L

This popular series from the mind of Dave Dameshek will be back again. One I'd like to see: what if the Chargers had hired Rex Ryan instead of Norv Turner as head coach years ago?

20. Norv Turner and Ray Horton in Cleveland

Turner isn't a head coach. But dude can run an offense. Trent Richardson is going to have a monster season. Brandon Weeden might even seem serviceable.

Just when you want to dismiss the Patriots, they find a way to respond. The Patriots will win the AFC East.

22. The Super Bowl is coming to New York

It's going to be awesome. Trust me.

Meet your 2013 NFL defensive rookie of the year.

It's not every season the coach of the year changes teams. Arians will get the Red Birds back to the playoffs.

The Colts look Chuck Strong going into the upcoming season, but will face a tough test. Not that they've shied away from tough tests before.

I have to believe the Bills were serious when they said they were going to run him until he pulls the "Donovan" and throws up on the field. This will be the day we regret high definition TV.

27. New uniforms!

The Dolphins new duds are quite striking in person. And while it might not appeal to those over 40, the Jaguars uniforms are sweet, too.

28. More videos from the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

These young ladies bring down social media every time they cover a song.

He's going to reach his full potential this season.

30. Dallas

The reboot of the legendary drama of the 1980s has nothing on the real drama happening with the football team. The NFL's Dallas makes for much better TV.

Don't be surprised when he gets close to 1,600 yards again. The Redskins need him to help defend their NFC East title.

32. Familiar Face in New Place, Part IV

Elvis Dumervil joins the Super Bowl champs as a free agent. If the Ravens make it back to the playoffs, they have a fax machine to thank.

You have about a month to get your "catfish" jokes in before this guy's play on the field makes us all forget.

34. Familiar Face in New Place, Part V

Andy Reid takes over in Kansas City. You know what's not familiar? Those Hawaiian shirts he's been wearing. I like it. And I like the Chiefs to make it to the playoffs.

35. Familiar Face in New Place, Part VI

Alex Smith has shown during his career that he responds well to good coaching. He's going to get it in Kansas City.

The Bengals have a bunch of new weapons, but Green makes the team go in Cincinnati. Pun intended.

37. The first touchdown scored Sunday morning in Week 1

And the dude who thinks his fantasy team is going to win it all because it was his guy who scored.

38. J.J. Watt

Who else would love to see him play some offense?

39. Jeff Tuel could start an NFL game

Tuel could become the first undrafted rookie QB to start in his first season out of college since at least 1950 if anything happens to rookie EJ Manuel. That's kind of awesome. And forget what I said in reason No. 9 about all of that talent.

And you all laughed at Al Davis when he made this pick. He's the only first-rounder from 2000 still on his original team. And this dude is going to kick a 70-yarder.

41. Ray Guy will be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

A senior committee nomination, this tomfoolery can finally end. Guy has long deserved this honor.

42. The NFC West

Adam Schein said the NFC West might be the best division in football. I have to agree with him.

This will never get old. Ever!

44. Eagles vs. Redskins, Week 1

There have been hints Chip Kelly has been holding back. RG3 was held out for the preseason. So much intrigue for the first week of the season.

He's had some great seasons in the past; this will be his best yet.

44. Browns vs. Bengals

This Ohio rivalry has taken a backseat to the Ravens and Steelers long enough.

45. Falcons vs. Saints

Normally, you don't think of dome teams having a fierce rivalry. This is the exception to the rule.

46. Tony Romo

Undrafted free agent from a small school overcomes the odds to be a Pro Bowl quarterback. Only in Dallas would this Cinderella story be vilified.

Mike Mayock calls him the most explosive player in the NFL. Good enough for me.

He's bound to break some record every time he fields a punt.

49. The Deacon Jones Award

This has long been a passion of Dave Dameshek Football Program and that is to have awards named after famous players. The Deacon Jones Award is a great start! More of this please.

50. The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Just one of many great podcast offerings here at, including the Around the League Podcast, Draft Tracker, Fantasy Live and the Rich Eisen Podcast among others. Of course, I'm partial to the DDFP seeing that I'm on it.

51. 5,476

Oh man, a motivated Sean Payton returns to guide Drew Brees. I fear this number is topped this year. Well I don't fear it, I'm pumped for it.

52. Broncos vs. Patriots

You can't keep me from watching Tom Brady go against Peyton Manning. Just try! Well, don't try.

53. Chiefs vs. Eagles

Andy Reid against his old team, led by Chip Kelly. Yes, please.

54. Saints vs. Seahawks

This will be the first time these teams have hooked up since the famed "Beast Mode" playoff game registered on the Richter Scale.

55. Falcons vs. 49ers

Nobody seems to remember just how close the Falcons were to the Super Bowl last year.

He was ready to walk away last year. But don't expect a step down in production.

Don't underestimate how much he impacts this pass-happy division. Don't sleep on the Buccaneers.

58. Packers vs. Bears

The oldest rivalry in the NFL. And it keeps getting better. This year will be an aerial show.

He should have been hired as an NFL head coach years ago. The Monsters of the Midway will take flight in 2013.

60. Patriots vs. Ravens

The AFC Championship Game for two years running. It's going to be a tough challenge to make it a third.

Your 2013 New England Patriots, everybody!

62. Bears vs. Eagles

Get him on your fantasy team right now. He's poised for a monster year.

He was seemingly lost the past few years. He will find his true calling under Chip Kelly.

65. The Divisional Round of the playoffs

I hereby declare this the best weekend of football of the entire season!

66. All of January, actually

Yeah, I hear you. The whole month is rather special.

It's either turn it around this year, Philip, or enjoy Jacksonville next year.

Come on, love him or hate him, he's rather entertaining. Don't be mad, bros. (Sorry, had to do it.)

69. Jadeveon Clowney

Hey, he'll be dominating in the NFL soon enough.

70. The Packers commit to the running game

Hah. That ranks up there with I'm going to start jogging Monday as some of the best intentions that never happen.

71. The Lions will have a better defense

This, too.

72. Ziggy Ansah

But if this guy is legit, the Lions make the playoffs. Although, I feel like I'm just handing out these playoff appearances for teams like I'm Drew Carey or something.

We are at the dawn of a new era for great player names!

74. The last season for Mall of America Field and Candlestick Park

I know, not the most glamorous stadiums. But they had their charm.

75. The Oakland A's keeping the infield going in October

Maybe it's because my hometown Angels and Rams shared a stadium, but I miss the early part of the season when baseball infields encroached on NFL playing surfaces. Sue me.

76. The Quad Box!

Anybody who spends their Sundays with Scott Hanson feels me on this one.

77. That surprise team

Remember the Vikings of last year? Only the most ardent Vikings fans thought the playoffs were real. Same goes for this year's party crasher. My picks, Browns and Cardinals.

Hey, we like rivalries!

Is it me, or have we dismissed the Packers this season?

He's earned the right to start for the Raiders. Hey, this should at least be interesting.

81. Some team will make a bid for Nick Saban

Come on, you know it's going to happen. And he's going to get bored beating Les Miles all the time, too.

82. GameDay Morning is back

And let's not forget First on the Field. Oh yeah, NFL Fantasy Live is on the RedZone channel, too.

83. Total Access moves to 8 p.m.

It's prime time!

84. Matt Leinart joins the Bills!

Wait. Nevermind. 

He's going to have a monster season for the Loins.

Any other season, and this guy would have been your rookie of the year. And I still love the "Muscle Hamster" nickname, even if he doesn't.

He has become one of the most disruptive defensive players in the NFL.

This kid has bounced back from being ignored in the NFL Draft to being a must-see player. Let's see if he can keep it going.

Hey, when you talk about fun defensive players to watch, you have to add him.

90. Fast-pace offenses

The Eagles won't be the only team to speed up the game. It will be like a video game out there at times!

91. Madden NFL 25

I don't know how they do it, but the game continues to get better.

92. Familiar Face in New Place, Part VI

Mike Silver joins NFL Media. Talk about your big-time free-agent signings.

It's hard to imagine this legendary franchise is willing to just go away.

94. Fantasy Football is free

Hey, it's worth pointing out once again. Seriously, you should sign up. Remember. I told you to sign up. #1 reason people.

95. Tim Tebow

Or more specifically, not hearing from him during the regular season.

He's going to show why he was a first-round pick this season.

97. A Football Life

Back for another season. Hard to imagine NFL Films can exceed its already lofty goals, but manages to each and every single time.

98. Your prediction blows up in your face

Trust me. I picked the Chiefs to make the Super Bowl last year.

99. Your team is in the playoff hunt!

This isn't other sports where teams start the season already eliminated.

100. Well, that was for everybody other than Raiders fans

Sorry, but Ray Guy! He's going to be in the Hall of Fame.

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