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Harrison Bernstein

Harrison Bernstein (Former Intern Coach)

Harrison Bernstein, former New York Jets Intern Coach, founded Soldiers To Sidelines (STS), a nationally recognized 501c3 Veteran Service Organization that provides a renewed sense of purpose for Service Members, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Gold Star Families to become character-based sports coaches in their communities. The military makes great coaches because of their extensive training in leadership, motivation, and team success. By further educating and training Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses to become character-based coaches Bernstein's organization simultaneously fills the need for better coaching in sports and provides veterans with purposeful work serving their communities. Soldiers To Sidelines is building an army of veteran coaches that model the U.S. military values of duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage, and loyalty. To date, STS coaches have positively influenced approximately 45,000 young athletes. Through their impact, veterans attain mental well-being, connectedness, fulfillment and purpose as they continue to serve their country as a coach. Most recently Bernstein authored and published a book called The Everyday Coach: Harnessing the Magic of Influence. The book is provided free to every STS Coach and all profits from sales support the non-profit. Accompanying the book, Bernstein hosts a podcast called Harrison Bernstein's Everyday Coach, which highlights leadership lessons learned from military heroes, business executives, and coaches to steward the craft of coaching in everyday life.