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Salute to Service Award

Jon Kolb - Steelers

Jon Kolb (NFL Legend)

Jon Kolb founded Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP) to confront health and movement related issues in vulnerable populations who no longer have the benefit of paid rehabilitation. Through this non-profit, Jon and his staff work with children and adults, with purposeful physical training to improve their quality of life. ATP focuses on training veterans, active duty military, and first responders to reach their peak performance through a mind, body, and soul regimen. Jon joined the Army National Guard as a Steelers rookie in 1969 and truly has a heart for veterans. ATP is dedicated to improving the lives of these men and women through purposeful physical training, to empower veterans with the freedom to move and perform tasks of daily living without the need of assistance. Active-duty military and veterans make up 53 percent of ATP's clients and are served free of charge at one of three locations – Pittsburgh, Hermitage, Pennsylvania and Youngstown, Ohio. At the Youngstown location, 95 percent of those they serve are veterans. The ATP staff custom tailors a plan for each person. ATP combines physical wellness with adventure and functional training takes place three days a week with an "adventure" day on the fourth. Many active duty military and veterans impacted by trauma and the compounding stress of service may experience anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. To address the mental health aspect, ATP partners with an organization that is a community-based comprehensive restorative health program specializing in the treatment of veterans, military service members, and first responders dealing with traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injury and pain. Jon speaks with pride and admiration for the clients with whom he works. Some of the clients Jon has impacted is a female combat vet who served as an IT specialist has enjoyed her experience at ATP and it led her to start learning physiology with a possibility of going back to school. Another client of Jon's is an 86-year-old veteran who didn't walk regularly for more than 50 years is now able to walk with assistance. Another veteran who was wheelchair-bound for 13 years as the result of a service injury can now walk with parallel bars. One of Jon's goals through his organization is to give people independence and confidence in their abilities. Jon Kolb has cultivated changing lives for the better through his organization, ATP.