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Salute to Service Award

Floyd Hyde

Floyd Hyde - Stadium Safety Manager

Army Retired Captain Floyd Allen Hyde has distinguished himself with over 40 years of exceptionally meritorious service to the America and the United States Army. His extraordinary career culminated with him serving as the Automotive Maintenance Manager for the Tennessee Army National Guard. His career included a multitude of essential assignments of increased responsibility, where he consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedicated service, and commitment to soldiers. In 2008-2009, Mr. Hyde served as the Clearing and Security Team Operations Officer for 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command. Mr. Hyde oversaw logistics, repairs, and replacement of rolling stock for all Brigade Combat Teams (BCT's). His continuous efforts aided in the success of all missions and provided a functional means of transportation for soldiers departing and returning to their Area of Operations (AO) During 2005-2006, while mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and attached to 2nd Marine Division, he served as the Maintenance Control Officer and the Anti-Terrorism Officer. Mr. Hyde completed high-quality maintenance and provided training for all BCT cycles that fulfilled the Commander s intent and set the standard for the Marine Division within the AO. His hard work and dedication to duty led to the preparation of future soldiers and Marines to support the Global War on Terror. Mr. Hyde currently serves as the Safety Act Manager at Nissan Stadium. Soldiers and service members are a tremendous part of the Titans Community. He is always cognizant of his facility, and is mindful of when military members are present. He highly enjoys going out and greeting the currently serving military members, sharing stories and offering guidance to them.