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Latavius Murray

Latavius Murray (Running Back)

Latavius Murray has developed an appreciation for the military that has continued to blossom through life experiences with someone very close to him - his fiancée, Shauntay, who served 13 years in the United States Navy. Murray and Shauntay have known each other since he was a preteen. After he moved with family from Florida to New York, they stayed connected. They weren't a couple when she decided to enlist out of high school, but as their relationship eventually blossomed, he has encouraged her to re-enlist as many times as she would elect to. Murray said he's been able to see characteristics that help military members accomplish their jobs overlap with elements that help in football. The up-close view of commitment, sacrifice and unselfishness has inspired Murray to do more to support military members and their families. He has participated in a USO Tour to visit troops serving in Germany and Italy. Additionally, Murray become the second NFL player to ever serve as an ambassador for the United Heroes League. United Heroes League provides sports registration fees and equipment for children in military families. Murray said his goals for the ambassador position are to increase awareness, help raise funds and show that the people that are actually involved truly care.