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Salute to Service Award

Tom Bakken

Tom Bakken (Equipment Manager)

Bakken has been with the team since 1994 and is always quick to point out his appreciation for the men and women that serve our country and fight for our freedom. Tom's military involvement with the Packers began during the 2001-2002 season. Due to lack of coordination, flyovers were no longer taking place at Lambeau Field during our national anthem. Knowing the impact and symbolism that flyovers provide for the fans and players, Tom was determined to make them a part of the Packers' opening ceremonies once again. With support from the team, Tom scheduled and coordinated his first flyover at Lambeau Field. With the success of the flyover, Tom was instantly "hired," as the Packers' coordinator of flyovers. In addition to his duties as an Assistant Equipment Manager, Tom was now in charge of scheduling and hosting the military members that perform this inspiring and uplifting pre-game spectacle. After the Packers had just won Super Bowl XLV, five days after Tom and the team landed back in Green Bay, he took nine Packers players on a military appreciation trip. The group visited members of the United States military stationed in and off the coast of Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and Afghanistan to name a few. Even though the Packers were on top of the sports world, there were men and women from the United States that were making it possible on the other side of the world. Tom always does his best to make sure they feel appreciated for all of the sacrifices that they have made for us.