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Salute to Service Award

Malcolm Perry

Malcolm Perry (Wide Receiver)

Prior to being selected by the Miami Dolphins in the seventh-round of the 2020 NFL draft, Malcolm Perry attended the United States Naval Academy, dedicating five years of his life to serving this country after graduation. While in school and playing football, he made the decision to go the United States Marine Corps route to become a Marine Corps officer. While Perry was not commissioned by the Marine Corps this May because of a deferral to pursue professional sports, Perry will eventually serve at least five years as a United States Marine Corps officer. Perry always knew he was going to serve his country. He is the son of two United States Army veterans and grew up in a primarily military town in Clarksville, Tennessee. Recognizing his father as his hero, Perry's drive and discipline is what helped him succeed at both the Academy and at football. He was recruited by the United States Navy, United States Army and United States Air Force. Perry has connected with The Mission Continues, a veteran service organization that is a FOOTBALL UNITES™ partner of the Miami Dolphins and connects veterans with under-resourced communities by deploying them as volunteers. Most recently on the United States Navy's birthday, Perry participated in a virtual meet and greet with local members of the veteran community, answering questions about his Naval Academy experience as well as his Miami Dolphins experience so far.