Bill Belichick will never see Tom Brady's birthday wish

  • By Nick Toney
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Bill Belichick might've spent his 67th birthday scouting college prospects, watching film, or just generally grumbling.

He certainly did not spend it checking his Twitter mentions -- but that didn't stop Twitter newcomer Tom Brady.

Brady knows Belichick's media policy better than any other Patriot. That is, if the term contains 'media,' it is Belichick's policy to dislike it openly.

But the third all-time winningest head coach takes his social media scorn a step even further. Watch as he lists off the networks he refuses to join, courtesy of NBC Sports Boston. They all definitely exist.

There is zero chance Belichick isn't aware of his own butcher job. The man knows about Twitter. He knows what Facebook and Instagram are called. He just hates all of it.

Just go with a birthday card in 2020, Tom.



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