Look inside the Patriots' renovated locker room

  • By Nick Toney
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What do you get the team with five Lombardi trophies?

A brand new locker room to match.

Gillette Stadium wrapped up its locker room revamp in advance of the Patriots' preseason opener against Washington. Needless to say, Tom Brady and Co. will enjoy the changes.

The locker-room facelift brings the Patriots into a new age. Gone are the single-player spaces and yellow folding chairs shown here after the AFC Championship Game.

Watch how it all came together in this time-lapse video from the Patriots' website.

Now, the McCourty Twins can can find their lockers on a long LCD screen. There's storage for Julian Edelman's pads. And if Rob Gronkowski ever forgets which team he plays for, a metallic Patriots logo spans the center of the room.

Just another reason why it's good to be a part of the Patriots Dynasty right now.



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