Is this Tom Brady's first-ever television interview?


Tom Brady is less than two months away from beginning his 18th NFL season. At this point, it's difficult to imagine an NFL that existed before the Patriots legend was winning Super Bowls on a near-constant basis.

Oh, but there was. Prior to his infamous sixth-round draft pick status in 2000, and before he was the big man on campus at Michigan, Brady was just another gangly teenager playing for his high school football team. Brady was a standout quarterback at Serra High School in San Mateo, California, and the school recently posted what it believes might be Brady's first-ever television interview.

Here's Brady being interviewed by Dan Fouts (?) for a local news telecast on standout players in the region. Notice the clean white T-shirt beneath the short-sleeved dress shirt. Every boy wore this exact outfit in 1994. Trust me.

Fouts asked Brady to list his strengths as a player.

"My strengths," Brady replied, doing that repeat-the-question thing kids do during a momentary flash of panic. "Well, everybody tells me I have a pretty strong arm, which is good. I'm pretty accurate with it. I think I need to work on my speed a little bit but hopefully that will come in time. Pretty good work ethic, so I think I can get the job done."

Imagine if someone would have told Brady right then he would always be slow, and no matter what work he put in, substandard footspeed would forever be part of his DNA. Would he have quit right then? Would he have followed his diamond dreams instead?

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