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Players react strongly to Gil Brandt's 'all-time greatest' lists


I got a call from Peter King of The MMQB in May. He wanted to know if I would take part in an all-time draft of the greatest players in NFL history. Among the dignitaries who would draft with me included former championship team builders Ernie Accorsi, Bill Polian and Ron Wolf. I humbly agreed to partake.

I'm not sure about the strategies used by the other 11 drafters, but I compiled lists of the greatest players by position -- similar to what you might do before a fantasy draft -- putting them in order from one to whatever, and crossing their names off as they came off the board.

My editor thought it was a good idea to publish my positional lists for this website. The exercise was going swimmingly ... until the first list was published. Feathers were suddenly ruffled. Several current and former players took to Twitter to let me know where I had erred, including one who claimed to be the "most feared cornerback of all time," and another who thought he was ranked too high.

Here's a sampling of the feedback I received from the players. Links to all of my lists are above; let me know your thoughts.

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