Following Tom Brady on his adventure through Asia


Tom Brady is a brand as much as a football player these days. So while many of his contemporaries across the NFL take some time to kick back and relax during the six-week break ahead of training camp, TB12 is on the other side of the world promoting for Under Armour.

In fairness, it seems like Brady is having plenty of fun while doing his job. The 39-year-old quarterback took the trip with his son, a journey that began on an Under Armour private jet and has weaved its way from Beijing, to Shanghai, then Tokyo.

Let's take the journey with Brady in the only way we can -- his Instagram page. It's just as exciting as the real thing! Yeah ... that's untrue.

First stop, Beijing! Yes please! @underarmour @tb12sports

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I want you to think about that smile on Brady's face the next time you're in the middle seat on a commercial flight to the left of a woman who doesn't respect the armrest boundary, in front of a child who's kicking your seat, to the right of a fat man passing gas and thinking he's getting away with it and behind a deadheading airline employee who just did a full recline into your lap.

Great Wall.... ���

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Here's Tom playing catch with some locals atop the Great Wall Of China. Please tell me you know that's The Great Wall Of China. Learn, child. Notice, by the way, the ball positioned in a way that flashed the Under Armour logo jussssssst right. Coincidence, right?

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Brady just keeps spare Lombardi Trophies in his pockets now for unique photo opportunities.

A general reminder in the world that there are three humans who can accurately state: "Tom Brady is my dad." I feel like this is probably a pretty good deal, all things considered.

The "TB12 2017 Asia Tour." A real thing that exists. Tom Brady is crazy famous.

Voice training for football season or just fired up??? @underarmour @tb12sports

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It's funny that it took 16 seasons for "Let's go!" to become Tom Brady's catch phrase. I assume he said it plenty in the first decade and a half of his career. Wonder if the Patriots attempted to file a trademark? (Of course they did.)

The sound of silence @beatsbydre

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Tai chi seems like a very Tom Brady thing. An ancient martial art known for its defense techniques and accompanying health benefits, you can almost picture a 72-year-old Brady evading hapless Jets pass rushers in a meditative state.

Tom Brady can actually say, "I'm huge in Tokyo."

Which leads us to ...

Arigat��gozaimashita ������������

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Brady vs Brady #therecanonlybeone ����

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This seems like a good and fun trip.