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Usain Bolt: No chance John Ross would beat me in 40-yard dash


The 40-yard-dash challenge Cincinnati Bengals rookie John Ross issued to track legend Usain Bolt has been heard, and Bolt doesn't see it as much of a challenge, at all.

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"Zero. Absolutely none," Bolt told ESPN's Jesse Washington when asked what kind of chance Ross would have against him. "I think over the years, people always aim to the top. I've learned something through the ranks, that there is a ladder, but nobody wants to climb the ladder, they just want to get to the top of the ladder. They always want to beat me, but no. No chance."

Ross broke the NFL Scouting Combine record for the 40-yard dash earlier this year with a clocking of 4.22 seconds. In suggesting he could take the eight-time Olympic gold medalist in the 40, Ross cited conclusions that ESPN's Sports Science drew in comparing the two; specifically that Ross makes faster foot contact while sprinting than does Bolt, while Bolt has longer strides.

Of course, there is no real chance of this happening anyway; let's face it, a Ross-Bolt race is strictly fun for the imagination. What's not imaginary is that the Bengals just invested a $10.6 million bonus as part of a $17.1 million contract in Ross, who was the No. 9 overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. And running past NFL cornerbacks, not Usain Bolt, is the sole focus for Ross.

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