Tony Romo drama won't go gently into that good night


It's the Monday after the first Cowboys loss in 91 days. Naturally, this is the logical time to fret about a potential quarterback change in Big D.

I wish I could say this wasn't true, but 'tis the world we live in. There's no way Skip Bayless slept last night. He got dressed, sat in his car for six hours then sped to work at 5 a.m. People have waited literally months to have a Tony Romo angle to work with. Now it's here.

Twitter has become ground zero for hot-take paranoia, so just for fun I decided to type "Tony Romo" into my search field. Here's what it yielded.

Good stuff, internet. How about the search term "start romo"?

Hey, Turtle gets it!

Oh boy.

Good God, that's Luke Rodgers' music!

How about "bench dak"?

"If you don't get one million clicks on your next post you'll never see your daughter again."

Good satire tweet.

Bucky, tell 'em the truth ...

Close it out, Skip ...

I'm telling you. There's no way this guy sleeps.