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Cowboys likely won't sit starters this regular season


Early this week, I wondered aloud whether or not the Cowboys would actually play backup Tony Romo in a meaningless game should Dallas keep rolling.

On Sunday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport provided the answer.

"I talked to a team source this week to find out what they will do. This person was very adamant: 'We will play our guys.' Do not expect the Cowboys to do what the Colts did famously a couple years back and sit their guys down for a week or another week if there's nothing to play for," Rapoport said Sunday on GameDay Morning. "They have too much chemistry going on, too much mojo to try to screw things up and play some other games now. However, if they get to say, they want to take a little pressure off Dak Prescott in the second half of a game, do not assume it is going to be Tony Romo coming in at quarterback. It actually could be Mark Sanchez coming in at quarterback, keeping Romo out of harm's way until they need him."

Obviously, the Cowboys have subscribed to the theory that Prescott could use every snap possible heading into the playoffs. While the rookie has been phenomenal, there is always the chance he'll encounter something he's never seen before. Romo, meanwhile, can enter the playoffs completely fresh should they need him and the rest of the Cowboys' offense can move along like nothing happened.

Coaches have had strong opinions on resting their starters since the beginning of time, but it always seems largely situational. Dallas has the chance to clinch the division and a first-round bye this week if certain games go their way. Staying on a roll seems like priority No. 1. Romo's health, as evidenced by their likelihood of replacing Prescott with Sanchez should they decide to give Prescott a quarter off, is clearly priority No. 2.


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