Marquette King reaches ceiling of punter swag


Marquette King found the limits of his punter swag on Sunday.

The Raiders' special teams force is a favorite here at the End Around -- Pat McAfee remains salty about this fact -- but we struggle to condone King's actions in the final minute of Oakland's win over the Buffalo Bills.

In case you missed it ...

CBS play-by-play man Ian Eagle with just the right pinch of incredulity: "You can't use the flag as a prop." Color man Dan Fouts went the Joe-Buck-In-Lambeau route, saying King's flag spike was "totally uncalled for."

I don't know about all that, but King certainly flew too close to the sun on this day. After the game, the Raiders' 10th win in 12 tries, King wasn't torn asunder by shame and regret. Instead, he called out the Bills player who blew up his spot.

The onions on this guy! I can't stay mad at you, Marq. I can call you, Marq, right? Oh, I can't? No problem.