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Jerry Jones tackles Dak, Romo as future coach


Dallas' improbable rise to best record in the NFL makes owner Jerry Jones' brutally honest weekly radio hits required listening at this point. With everything from ugly babies, burner cell phones and Tony Romo on the docket, here's what the NFL's most consistent live wire had to say:

On the Tony Romo-Dak Prescott situation

Jones is beginning to make more sense than anyone when it comes to addressing his pending quarterback mini-drama. Romo will be in uniform this weekend as an active backup for the first time all season. Jones, who has said repeatedly that Prescott will keep the job until he doesn't, isn't worried about the rookie peering over his shoulder.

"The other day, Tony was taking some snaps from under the center and Tony was bragging on Dak. He said, boy, he doesn't miss a trick. He looks at everything and just soaks it up," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas Tuesday. "...The key thing is the benefit that Dak will get from watching Tony as Tony takes snaps in a practice, as it should be. The big thing is how much Tony is into helping Dak prepare."

Jones said it would be "madness" to say that Romo would definitely not take any snaps this season because, if that were the case, there would be no point in having a backup quarterback anyway.

But consider this -- even if Romo's time in Dallas as a player is done or coming to a close, the window for him to coach or aid in personnel seems wide open based on Jones' comments.

"Make no mistake, he's really wonderful about this. Tony is gonna have serious options," Jones said. "And of course he is young relatively speaking. Tony has the ability to be a great -- I'm not talking about a good one -- a great offensive coordinator. He has an eye and has an understanding about offensive football that's exceptional. He could be as a matter of fact two years ago, I sat down with him and said I really want you in the process as we really get into picking a quarterback for the future because I don't want you to leave your career without having the benefit of you helping us get this quarterback and getting him ready to go and of course his eyes just lit up and he said I'm your man."

On Randy Gregory

As reported by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo, Gregory is facing a year-long suspension after yet another failed drug test. Jones is not ready to give up on his once high-upside second-round pick.

"As long as Randy Gregory is as conscientious -- and I know that sounds like you're talking out of both sides of your mouth if in fact he's had a test -- but I'm not gonna get into what is known about dependence and substance, relative to well-meaning people having relapses," he said. "It's a fact of life. He's a young guy and certainly he's got those challenges. ... The point is I really hope that he can continue to make progress, and I do not rule out Randy Gregory being on the field for the Cowboys."

Jones added: "He's our baby. He may be an ugly baby, but he's our baby."

On Jaylon Smith

As some Dallas-area papers have noted, should second-round pick Jaylon Smith pan out anywhere near pre-injury projections, Dallas' 2016 draft could go down as one of the greatest in history. There is a long way to go, of course. Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott would have to perform well beyond this year.

But Jones is not ready to let that dream die. While Smith, who suffered a torn ACL and MCL at the end of the 2015 college football season, isn't near ready to play yet, Jones said he is making progress.

He would not comment on whether the Cowboys would bring Smith back for a playoff run.

"Jaylon Smith is in absolute excellent shape," Jones said. Adding: "...Certainly to the extent that we should be optimistic about some of the things we are seeing but that's obviously what I'm representing. We'll leave it at that, I don't think he's ready to go against Baltimore."