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Tom Brady on his success: 'You know how I'm doing it'


One of the few things Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hasn't been cagey or guarded about over this career is his fondness for trainer Alex Guerrero and his stringent methods for staying in shape.

When asked by in an interview this week about how he manages to look so good on the field at 39 -- so far a career high 73.1 completion percentage, 12 touchdowns, no interceptions through four games -- Brady didn't even hesitate to explain why.

"You know how I'm doing it; you've talked a lot about my training over the years," he said, apparently with a smile.

He added: "When I sat back and watched those four weeks, you could see how great our coaches are, and how hard our team works. I just wanted to do the best I can to stay in shape, do what I've always done, and try to replicate all the things I do at practice. Then when I came back, it's just kind of getting back into the routine. I'm just happy that our team is at the place we're at. It doesn't mean anything because we're only eight games in. We have a long way to go. I look forward to the second half of the season; we're going to have a tough test coming right off the bat against Seattle on Sunday night, but that will be a good test to see where we're at. We know how good of a team they are."

Brady touting his training methods brings to light an age-old question about aging athletes and success. For every Julius Peppers or Mariano Rivera who, like Brady, touted their ability to eat supremely healthy foods, work out in an incredibly smart way and manage to enjoy careers well above the average for their sport, there are athletes who are equally as passionate about their methods who still end up bottoming out well before their time.

Brady could re-write that narrative altogether if he stays on his current pace. His candidacy for the league's most valuable player award is obvious despite missing four games due to suspension.

As Tom E. Curran of CSN New England wrote last year: Is it just resistance bands, hydration, anti-gravity treadmills, flexibility training, supplements and clean-living that are helping Brady excel when he is elderly by NFL standards? Just how is he cheating Father Time?

Curran, who also saw Guerrero for some aches and pains, managed to get a front-row seat and walked away a satisfied customer. His piece is well worth your time. And perhaps its about time that other players nearing the Autumn of their career to check out his trainer as well.


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