Peyton Manning on playing football: 'I got my fill'


Three months removed from his final snap on the field, Peyton Manning says his retirement is going swimmingly.

"People tell me that I'm going to miss football, that I'm going to have withdrawals. But I got my fill," Manning said during the Coloradoan's inaugural Northern Colorado Sports Awards on Tuesday. "There are things I want to do. I want to see the New York Giants play ... I want to see my Tennessee Vols. I want to do a lot of things I haven't been able to do in 22 years."

The final snapshot of Manning's storied 18-year career saw the quarterback hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl 50. That kind of heady closing chapter would help any player ease into the sunset -- there was nothing left for Peyton to do.

That said, after an autumn's worth of Saturdays in Tennessee and Sundays with Eli Manning's Giants, the future feels limitless for Peyton. Chasing down a front-office gig, taking a coaching job, running for office -- nothing would surprise us.

This is Peyton's world now. He'll roam where he pleases until the end of days.