Ex-Colt Jerrell Freeman blasts Coby Fleener


A couple of former Indianapolis Colts have a lot to say about a disappointing 2015 season.


During his introductory conference call with the New Orleans Saints on Friday, tight end Coby Fleener noted that some players went "along for the ride" last season after things turned south following Andrew Luck's injury.

After signing with the Chicago Bears, linebacker Jerrell Freeman, shot back at Fleener.

The Ex-Colt texted Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com Sunday night:

"Fleener, he didn't have the (guts),'' the Ex-Colt told Kravitz. "That (bleep) pisses me off. And he must've been looking in the mirror when he did the interview.

"I despise guys like that. That's what little girls do, talk about you when you're not around. I'm a grown man. If I see something I don't like, I'm going to go have a face-to-face convo with that player/players and we are going to get an understanding! I feel like I had a hand in building what's over there (in Indianapolis), so he's (bleeping) on me, too. That's a (expletive) move."

It's telling that a player no longer associated with the Colts stood up for his former teammates, while another was slinging arrows. Perhaps that's why there was a "lack of interest" by Indianapolis to bring back the tight end.

Certainly this isn't the last rebuttal we've heard to Fleener's comments.